Leadership Coaching

Do you want to move through the muck and get to the gold nuggets of your true leadership style, impact and wisdom? 

Laura offers a trusted confidante for building and growing your leadership in the world.

Team Development

Do you want to build an inspired shared vision with your team? Do you want to help your team move through conflict to a productive and purposeful place?

Laura partners with you to create the ideal plan for bringing out the strengths, energy and efforts of your staff for greatest impact.


Do you have an opportunity for your team to come together? Be it a retreat, a big decision, or maybe the first time the entire team has been together,

Laura collaborates with you to design and rollout a purposeful productive meeting to get your goals met.

Mission, Vision, Core Values

Do you have a general sense of what your organization does and the impact it has on the world?

Laura serves you to develop clarity for your Mission, Vision and Core Values. Empowering all involved to help to grow your business to great success. 

Strategic Planning

Do you want to bring your mission statement to the daily operational work of your team? Want to develop a purposeful action plan to reach your vision?

Laura will help you craft the clearest path from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Change Partner

What is wanting to change? What inside of you is unsettled or unclear? Maybe you have a big, difficult decision to make that is impacting yourself and others.

Laura skillfully provides on-going collaborative partnership helping source the clarity for actions all the while championing you for your best desired success.