THANK YOU so much for facilitating the discussion last night, for listening so closely, for being so passionate about the work you do to help Shifting Gears achieve our goals and strive for our mission. -Nadine van Kiekerk

"Working with Laura Todd for the past few months has been a turning point in my life. When I came to Laura I was closed in on myself. My head and heart were full of ideas and desires, but I was not doing anything to bring them to fruition. They felt completely out of reach, as a result they were reminders of my failure. Laura helped me to reframe my situation and she helped me take small steps towards change. Now, months later, I can look back and see that those small changes were a major re-alignment of my life."

"By working with Laura I found my voice. She encouraged me, first, to look for it and listen to it. And then to use it. This is a permanent change. It feels like a switch that can’t be turned off. And it feels exciting to think of where this voice will take me.

Working with Laura also gave me strategies to use in my daily life. A set of questions to ask myself when I let myself down, or when I put someone else’s priorities first. A way of thinking through my goals and what is standing in the way of them. And a way to find a new approach to a situation that might feel un-winnable."

"Laura’s process was very organic in helping me discover what I wanted to work on. As a writer and mother, she helped me with the challenge of balancing my life as well as to continue in striving for my own goals and dreams.  Her words and our conversations have always been helpful and inspiring to me. She knows when to listen, ask questions, and offer ideas. When I hang up from our phone calls, I always feel motivated and encouraged to move forward in whatever goals, changes, or plan we’ve worked together to set in place. She is an amazing listener and someone who sees the larger picture in our lives.

After six months of working with her, she has proven herself to be dependable, trustworthy, supportive, positive, and kind. She’s also an incredible coach to anyone who is an artist or interested in the arts as she has a great understanding of challenges that artists and writers face in working in the world. I give Laura my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to improve their situation and develop a more fulfilling life in either big ways or small; she has been a fantastic support to me. I realize how much she has helped me make enhance my daily routine and ultimately, improve my life in the long term in so many ways; this says so much about her gift as a life coach. I am truly a better person for having worked with her."
Kelli A., Seattle, WA

"Laura is a natural life coach. Her inherent talent in working with people combined with her professional training as a certified life coach make her exceptional at her work. She has the ability to skillfully guide a person through their own unique process of discovery. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to get the most out of life."
Michele Waltz, Bellingham

"I look forward to and enjoy my phone calls with Laura every two weeks. Our conversations push me beyond conventional thinking as we explore a range of topics: spirituality, goal setting, digesting daily routines and making the most out of life. Laura helps me recognize the beautiful person I am and realize what ever it is I want to become. I am so thankful to have her in my life."
Jennifer Triplette

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Laura over the last several months. At a time in my life when I felt out of touch with myself, and unsure of who I was anymore or what I wanted to do next, Laura helped me reconnect with my own truths (a difficult task!). Through journaling, dialogue, insightful questioning and visualization techniques, she helped me see things in myself again that I didn’t know were there. Laura has helped guide me back to what was there all along: my passions, priorities, and ultimately- my true self. Laura is compassionate, intuitive, patient and so encouraging. I m so thankful to have spend time with her as a life coach. I truly believe she is gifted in her profession."
Joy Nelson

Laura led an AMAZING retreat for our company. Her personable, grounded, and professional nature made for the most productive retreat that I have been a part of. She took the time to meet with all the employees individually before the retreat and she listened intently. During the retreat, she created a safe, comfortable space for us all to connect, allowing us to accomplish our established goals. We all left the retreat with a sense of achievement, direction, and improved communication strategies.  Sarah

"Everyone deserves to have a Laura Todd life coach in their life. She's helping me re-commitment to ME in 2014, and if you've questioned how you would do this too, look no further. She's one of the people in my tribe who holds me to be my best full self and lean into whatever shit is happening and own it with full mindfulness. Make it a resolution to become alive again and co-create with Laura. You won't regret it!" 
Mark Peterson

"Working with Laura has been a joy! Her enthusiastic, encouraging spirit is propelling. Proactive questions and exposing self-assessments push me to think beyond the status quo. Her insight coupled with a wonderful sense of rhythm help to create a beautiful springboard in which to explore life's possibilities! What FUN!"
PM, San Diego

"Laura is a compassionate but firm career coach. Her depth of knowledge and skill in bringing out the key motivations for ones happiness in both a personal and professional sense is exceptional. Having worked with Laura as I considered a new career path, I can say without hesitation she was critical in my holding firm to pursuing purpose driven employment. Without her coaching it would have been easy to stay in my comfort zone. Instead, I closed a chapter in my career and started a new one and absolutely made the right choice. If you have the opportunity to work with Laura you will absolutely be well served!"
Mark D.

Laura Todd, Life Coach

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