We are all leaders of our own life. Your leadership occurs everywhere you are, at your place of work, in your home. You want the impact of your actions to be aligned with your values and your goals. You want purposeful leadership. Let’s work together to unlock your strengths, courage and talents so you get into action with your own answers.

Trust your inner voice.

"By working with Laura I found my voice. She encouraged me, first, to look for it and listen to it. And then to use it. This is a permanent change. It feels like a switch that can’t be turned off. And it feels exciting to think of where this voice will take me.” —Susannah

Connect with your calling.

"Thanks to our work together, I am able to think more expansively about possibilities. I am also able to honor my own process and tease out the values that inform my decisions.” —Katy

Expand your options.

"Her depth of knowledge and skill in bringing out the key motivations for one’s happiness in both a personal and professional sense is exceptional. Having worked with Laura as I considered a new career path, I can say without hesitation she was critical in my holding firm to pursuing purpose driven employment.” —Mark P.

Call on your courage.

“Working with Laura has been a joy! Her proactive questions and exposing self-assessments push me to think beyond the status quo. Her insight coupled with a wonderful sense of rhythm help to create a beautiful springboard in which to explore life's possibilities!” —MD

Unlock your strength.

"Through journaling, dialogue, insightful questioning and visualization techniques,  Laura helped guide me back to what was there all along: my passions, priorities, and ultimately - my true self.” —Joy

Create change.

"Laura is a natural coach. Her inherent talent in working with people combined with her professional training make her exceptional at her work. She has the ability to skillfully guide a person through their own unique process of discovery. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to get the most out of life.” —Michele

Whatever your position is in an organization and whatever your credentials are, you have impact. Let’s maximize that.

Laura Todd